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Made in Germany. The new mirrorless unibody Leica T. According to The Verge, the Audi design team was involved in the design process, I'd guess Jony Ive had a hand in this. Leica DP Review The ...

Leica T

Camera, Designers, Material

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Love the lens grip pattern.  Licensed from the Yokohama AVS tyre? The Lytro Illium designed by Artefact. Artefact Lytro Yokohama ...

Lytro Illum

Camera, Designers

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Car designers with tape, latest update from the design of the Peugeot Exalt concept and the BMW Vision Future Luxury ...

Car Designers with Tape

Cars, Designers

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Before the age of Yaris, Auris and Avensis. Toyota Sports ...

Toyota Sports 800


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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Maurice de Mauriac L1 designed by Fabian Schwaerzler. Maurice de Mauriac Fabian ...

Maurice de Mauriac L1

Designers, Watches

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Deus XJR-X ...

Deus XJR-X

Motorcycles, Yamaha

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Think ...

Johammer Elektromotorrad J1

Electric, Motorcycles

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Honda ...

Honda 3R-C

Cars, Concept, Honda, Motorcycles

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ORI salt and pepper mills by Anderssen & Voll for Wrong For Hay. Wrong For Hay Anderssen & ...


Designers, Product Design

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Wood, brushed steel and 'shark skin' textile. The production version will probably loose everything that makes this concept interesting. Peugeot ...


Cars, Concept

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2010 Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion ...

Bertone Pandion

Cars, Concept

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Dundas Footwear, Oslo, Norway Dundas ...

Dundas Footwear

Fashion, Footwear

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The Tamburini designed Bimota HB1 (1975 & 1976). A tribute to Massimo Tamburini (via Benzina) at Cycle World. Cycle World Bonhams Bike ...


Bimota, Designers, Honda, Motorcycles

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Gio Ponti's 'Superleggera' (Super light) chair for Cassina. The story goes that Cassina tested the strength of the chair by dropping it from the 4th floor of the factory. Cassina Wright Auctions Gio ...

Gio Ponti Superleggera

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The Dan Hanebrink designed Hutch HPV BMX ...

Hutch HPV

Bicycles, Designers

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The real ...


Motorcycles, Suzuki

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The first Tour de France in 1903 The Public Domain ...

Tour de France 1903


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Chinon Bellami ...

Chinon Bellami HD-1

Camera, Product Design