Ben Nevis 1976


I climbed Ben Nevis in chucks and t-shirt in sunshine in June ’98, but chose the easy route.
This short move is produced by Yvon Chouinard, initially created for National Geographic featuring John Cunningham climbing Ben Nevis in 1976.

According to Chouinard “Part of the film was supposed to be fictional, with John playing a hard case from a rundown part of Glasgow. He rides on his motorbike across Rannoch moor, solos something and then slips and falls but no-one knows if it is real or imagined, it was kinda surreal. The film never got to be seen because in another section, filmed in China , half the film crew were caught in a terrible avalanche. The director was killed and I broke a couple of ribs.”

Yvon Chouinard
John Cunningham

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  1. Tracey Warr says:

    I am trying to get permission to reproduce the image of John Cunningham on the bike in a book being published by Ashgate. I would be grateful to know who is the copyright holder and to have an email or phone contact for them. thanks.

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