Honda Cross Cub

Honda Cross Cub 110. Launched a couple of weeks ago at the Osaka Motor Show. Wouldn’t mind one myself.

5 responses to “Honda Cross Cub”

  1. Anonymous says:

    love these bikes…hope they come to Canada before I’m too old to kick it over…

  2. Don says:

    Honda, it’s time you brought this bike to Canada. Not everyone wants a huge overpowered machine. This will appeal to a broad spectrum of people for a lot of different reasons. Add the dual range transmission too please.


  3. unclejohnse says:

    Bring them to the UK too we are crying out for a tough c90 replacement… HONDA GB ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!!!

  4. dave moore says:

    Don’t understand why Honda doesn’t sell the best models of the c90 in Europe ,only in asia

  5. sig nil says:

    I have an original 77 honda 90 amazing unit, I get calls weekly to sell it! not happening RVers and hunters luv them here in canada, Go Honda bring on the new ones

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