Itera plastic bike


An older post now updated with Itera’s from various auctions.
The Swedish Itera bike was a composite (plastic & glassfiber) bike that was set to revolutionize the bike market in the early 80’s. Only 30000 were produced and the remaining unsold stock was sold to the West Indies where they became popular as they didn’t rust. The story goes that Rolling Stones were on tour in Sweden in 1982 and Mick Jagger upon seeing the bike uttered ”That is the fuckin´ ugliest bike I´ve ever seen. Gotta have one!”

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  1. Dan says:

    Once I saw this post I went as far is to search for ITERAS for sale. All I really found was criticism, enough to quite quickly kill the brief infatuation

  2. Yeah, I was tempted as well, but the few ones for sale In Sweden are sold as collectors items and not really recommended for use. They’re pretty cheap though. They’re really heavy, weigh around 20kg.

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